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Chain Crucial
2 min readJul 5, 2021

We are Chain Crucial, a decentralized group of blockchain enthusiasts, activists, marketers, builders and investors. Chain Crucial is dedicated to growing the impact of the Cardano blockchain and community by creating accessible ways for experienced and inexperienced folks to participate in and benefit from the emerging suite of blockchain tools and services.

Our core team have been involved in blockchain projects as developers, community builders and strategic advisors since 2016, working with projects and teams from all corners of the globe.

Why We Do What We Do

We believe the Cardano blockchain is one of the most promising blockchain ecosystems — from it’s low carbon impact, to it’s global scalability, to the vast community of developers, Cardano is already brining to life the impacts most blockchain projects have been speaking about for years.

We believe the future is decentralized, and Cardano provides the infrastructure to facilitate dApps and DAOs, securely, at scale. We believe in Cardano, and want to make the possibilities of participating in the ADA community more accessible to blockchain insiders and noobs.

There are so many ways to benefit from and contribute to the Cardano vision, and ChainCrucial strives to make this knowledge — this power — available to all.

What We Do

We participate in blockchain projects that have interesting use cases or new layer one through three solutions. We not only participate on the mainnet but also on public or private testnets to vet out new features.

We are not maximalists of any one blockchain or cryptocurrency. As such we pay close attention to up and coming blockchain projects, including those which have Incentivized Testnets. If you are not yet familiar an Incentivized Testnet is an invitation the community to participate in the early development phases of the blockchain, all while earning incentivized rewards for doing so. Someday those incentives will be transferred from the testnet to the mainnet and may be worth something.

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