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Like the name implies this series are short entries intended to quickly show and explain configuring a security component which will include resources the viewer can use to research the topic in more depth.

These shorts can be implemented as a single stand-alone security change or combined together with other security shorts to harden your servers, nodes and oracles. Implementing all of them will provide a very secure configuration. We hope they are not only educational but you enjoy the quick and to the point format.

Restricting Password Reuse

Here’s how to restrict users from reusing passwords. …

We are Chain Crucial, a decentralized group of blockchain enthusiasts, activists, marketers, builders and investors. Chain Crucial is dedicated to growing the impact of the Cardano blockchain and community by creating accessible ways for experienced and inexperienced folks to participate in and benefit from the emerging suite of blockchain tools and services.

Our core team have been involved in blockchain projects as developers, community builders and strategic advisors since 2016, working with projects and teams from all corners of the globe.

Why We Do What We Do

We believe the Cardano blockchain is one of the most promising blockchain ecosystems — from it’s low carbon impact…

Chain Crucial

A Cardano Stake Pool with best in class security.

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